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Auburn, California, November 30, 2020 – ELECTRIC VEHICLE INFRASTRUCTURE TRAINING PROGRAM (EVITP): ACS announced this morning that it will be proactively investing in specialized training for its electrical staff focused on the proper installation of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.

The EVITP, is a brand neutral national EV industry collaborative training program that addresses the technical requirements, safety imperatives, and performance integrity of industry partners and stakeholders. EVITP partners include a large collective of electric vehicle manufacturers, EV charging manufacturers, electrical infrastructure manufactures, and large utility partners nation-wide.

EVITP's curriculum comprehensively covers the follow training, including :

  • Level 1 (120v) and Level 2 (220v) Residential Charging

  • Commercial & Institutional Level 2 Charging

  • Medium Duty (MD) Commercial - Up to 480v AC

  • Heavy Duty (HD) Commercial, Industrial and DC Fast Charging

  • Site Assessment & Load Calculations

  • ADA Accessibility

  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair

  • Wireless Conductive Energy Transfer

The post training proctored exam is comprehensive in nature, and is administered immediately following the 20 hour class.

ACS has selected members of its electrical crew that are California State Certified General Electricians, who have completed 8,000+ hours of on-the-job training to complete this coursework, and certification.

Joseph Hilke, ACS Electrician, said "this training was invaluable, and touched on all areas that I need to consider on my projects daily. The safety and code compliance information was a great refresher for me to practice, and model the culture that I strive to create on my projects. The training in all other areas will definitely help to set me up for success as we complete many more EV Charging installations for years to come."

About Alco Charging Solutions, LLC. (ABS)

Alco Charging Solutions, LLC. (ACS), a subsidiary of Alco Building Solutions, Inc. (ABS), launched exclusively focused to strategically serve the Electric Vehicle Charging market in North America.

ACS has built a strong reputation relative to electrification initiatives based on their technical knowledge, customer-centric focus and in their commitment to excellent craftsmanship. They are subject matter experts in EV Charging planning/road mapping, engineering, implementation strategies, incentive/grant procurement, agnostic equipment/software options, construction and aftercare.

ACS is a Owner/Operator of "public-facing" Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) throughout the State of California, and offers a full suite of EV Charging solutions including Owner/Operator, Design-Build and a variety of consultative services for its clients.

ACS is a recognized leader in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of technical infrastructure relative to Electric Vehicle Charging.

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