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EV Charging Station Ownership

 Start with a trusted provider

Alco Building Solutions has a proven track record of providing every customer with cost-effective, turn-key EV charging solutions. Our project team of certified and licensed electricians and engineers has designed customized charging stations to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, municipal, K-12 and higher ed organizations across the western U.S.

We handle everything from initial assessment and design through implementation and ongoing maintenance. We also handle all permitting and secure all state and federal funding/rebate opportunities.

Third-Party Ownership Option

Third-Party Ownership Option

Alco Charging Solutions' third-party-ownership option eliminates the site host’s costs and responsibilities—while still delivering all of the benefits that hosting EV charging on-site provides.

  • Charging infrastructure is owned, installed, and maintained by ACS.

  • ACS pays 100% of the upfront capital investment for the design and installation of new charging stations.  WE will also handle all maintenance and upkeep costs.

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Host-Owned  Option

Under the site host-owned model, the charging infrastructure is purchased, installed, and maintained by our customer—the site host. 

  • The benefit to this option is that the site host maintains full control over the station and keeps all of the revenue the station provides

  • The downside is that the site host is responsible for all associated costs, maintenance, and transaction fees.

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